Violet Evergarden anime movie new release date

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Depending on your experience, 2019 has had some good and bad moments. In the anime community, besides the Vic and Funimation debacle, we had the worst tragedy in which an arson had attacked the Kyoto Animation building and staff. If you didn’t know, in July of this year, a man attacked the Japanese studio Kyoto Animation with fire. The work of KyoAni was safe but this attack costs the lives of many workers. Because of this attack, most of planned anime projects are all delayed and workers and families are trying to recuperate and deal with the losses.

There is some slight of hope for KyoAni fans. Fans can still hope for the anime movie Violet Evergarden: The Movie. It’s not the spin-off Violet Evergarden: Spin-Off – Eternity and Auto Memory Doll –This movie was premiered in Japan and it will be heading towards to Australian cinema. Now, Kyoto Animation announced at their website that Violet Evergarden: The Movie will be in Japanese theaters in April 24, 2020. Originally, this movie was expected to come out on January but after the attack, it got delayed.



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