One-Punch Man game release date reveal and pre-order bonuses

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Hey anime gamers! Are you guys excited for 2020? If you like anime games, you might be excited for games like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot or Sword Art Online Alicization: Lycoris. If you are excited for One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, I got some news that will make shout in excitement. According to the official website of Bandai Namco of Entertainment, One-Punch Man is coming out on February 28th, 2020 for PS4, X1 and PC. There will also be some pre-order bonus if you want the game and some digital goods. Pre-ordering the game will allow players to get early access to play as Saitama in Dream Form. In this version, Saitama can fight the same, but he can feel pain and get hurt just like in the first episode of the anime and fourth chapter of the manga. This version appeared when Saitama was having a dream of fighting Subterranean People and he finally found a challenge. Also being rewarded is two costumes for Saitama (Jersey outfit and Black Suit). Players will also get a Saitama mask for their avatar.

Last but not least, besides Dream Saitama being playable, characters such as Metal Knight, Stinger and Melzargard will be playable characters. King will also be in the game but he won’t be playable. Based on the trailer below, it is an assumption that you can play this game in English Dub. I can’t find any official source that supports this assumption but if there was, I will gladly inform everyone.

Are you going to get this game?

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