Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonus from Square Enix

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If you are thinking about pre-ordering the Square Enix game Final Fantasy VII Remake but you are unsure where to purchase your physical copy, I got some news to make your options harder than before. In my past post, I mentioned that GameStop is offering an exclusive tin box contained a replica of a key card for anyone who pre-ordered any edition of the game at GameStop. If GameStop isn’t your interest, maybe you can grab your copy from Square Enix. Gamers who pre-orders their game (standard or deluxe edition) from the official Square Enix website will receive a free lanyard. The lanyard will have the faces of the main cast of FFVII Remake such as Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Barret. This offer is for North America and Europe. This game is coming out on March 3rd, 2020.

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonus from Square Enix

  1. I pre-ordered the limited edition of this the second it became available and the excitement for it just keeps building! Can’t wait for it.

      • I’m just very obsessed lol. My best friend also decided to go half on it with me as a late holiday precent, which helps a lot.

      • I have been trying to spend time on the classic game so I can be prepared for this game. FFVII is so cool. I am planning to get this one way or another lol. It would probably be my early birthday gift.

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