VP of Rooster Teeth fired and arrested for threatening his wife and daughter

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Who would have thought that the company Rooster Teeth couldn’t get themselves in even more hot water. Besides firing voice actor Vic Migogna for alleged accusations in the beginning of the year, it looks like the company is getting bad news from the vice president himself. According to Kxan, vice president Michael Quinn was removed and fired from Rooster Teeth for second degree felony and assault on his wife and daughter. He’s being sent to court on Nov 26th, two days before Thanksgiving. Revealed though an affidavit. Michael attacked his wife on November 8th and it was noted by her that it was a pattern and it happened many times in the years. According to the interviews with the sheriffs, his wife wasn’t sure to give out statements “because she knows her husband is going to kill her and her daughter.” Reason why she never reported the years of abuse because the husband had total control of the finances and he knew where to find her and the daughter. Based on the violent reports, Michael would berate her and even laugh at her cowering in pain. He would also point a gun and threatened to kill her.

Rooster Teeth is a company that is well known for creating shows like RWBY, Red vs Blue and gen:LOCK.

You can read the rest of the news down below:


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