Friday Funny 242: I will tell the new generation that I survived 2012


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another silly episode of Friday Funny! This is Matthew and I am here to deliver some hot, steamy memes. I hope everyone is doing well in this cold and wet winter. I also hope that you guys was able to save money from all these sales that is been happening around you. I was able to take advantage of sales for Christmas shopping and for myself. Thanks to the Black Friday sale, I was able to finally place an order for the DVD collection of Sword Art Online. I finally got Disney+ and I am loving it. I already started the first episode of the Mandalorian. Besides shopping, I will tell you some quick news from this week. Marvel Studios has revealed the trailer to the solo movie of Black Widow. After all these years, Black Widow is going to be getting a movie focused on her with new characters such as the villain Taskmaster. It is also rumored that Robert Downey Jr. will be back as Tony Stark in this movie. Black Widow is planned to be release in theaters in May 2020. In anime news, it is revealed that the Dragon Ball character Broly (well-known for the past DBZ movies and for the Super movie) will be getting a new voice actor. Originally, voice actor Vic Migogna was the iconic voice for this villain but due to allege accusations and Funimation firing him, Vic will not be back to play his role unfortunately. Fortunately, with Vic’s blessings, the voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch will be voicing Broly in the Dragon Ball FighterZ. The voice of Ichigo Kurosaki and the Vash the Stampede will become the most powerful and dangerous Saiyan. We have two weeks until Christmas.

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To celebrate the announcement of Persona 5 Royal release date, here are some funny videos to help you get your groove on:

Bet you didn’t see it coming that I was going to use Twitter instead of YouTube videos. Have an awesome weekend!

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