Kingdom Hearts III news: Re:Mind details and price

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Hello Kingdom Hearts fans, as you may have noticed, we are reaching the end of 2019. 2020 is going to be a busy month for new games. While Kingdom Hearts already be released in early January 2019, it looks like fans will be able to experience more magical fun in the upcoming DLC ReMind or also know as Re Mind. The DLC will be released on PS4 on Jan 23rd and on Xbox One at Feb 25th. Today, Square Enix finally released the removed trailer and on Twitter, it also reveals all the content and updates to what expect on the official release. However, revealed in the tweets, there is also two versions of the DLC package with a ten dollar difference (depending on where you get the game in region, the price might differ). Here is what is included in the first version:

  • – Re Mind scenario
  • – Limitcut Episode & 13 Boss Battles
  • – Secret Episode & Boss Battle
  • – Data Greeting Feature
  • – Slideshow Feature
  • – Premium Menu (difficulty settings & gameplay challenges)

In the second version, you get all this including a concert video along with 19 music tracks from Kingdom Hearts – World of Tres – Orchestra Concert which was hosted in Osaka, Japan. There will also be a free update called Version 1.07 in which players will be given the keyblades the Oathkeeper and Oblivion and a new for Sora.

If you are ready, feel free to pre-order here:


first version – $29.99

second version – $39.99

Xbox One

first version – $29.99

second version – $39.99

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