End of the Year marathon: Toonami hosts marathons in December.

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How do you end the year? You binge watch anime! Just like what happened with Food Wars and Thanksgiving, Toonami is preparing to do another marathon. Actually, according to the Toonami Faithful news site, December is going to be ending the year with some marathons and specials.

On December 14th, even though Lupin the 3rd Part V is over, Lupin has something in stored for us. Toonami will be premiering the anime OVA of Lupin called Lupin the 3rd OVA: Is Lupin Still Burning? in English Dub.

On December 21st we have a marathon of season 2 of One-Punch Man.

Last but not least, December 28th will be premiering an anime marathon of Dr. Stone. According to the site, Dr. Stone will start with episode 7-16 at 11 pm to 3:30 am (depends on regional timing). After Dr. Stone is over, Toonami will go back to showing Attack on Titan.

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