Friday Funny 243: Who’s the cutest baby?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone, this is Matthew and I am here to give your daily dose of memes to help brighten your day and prepare for Christmas. Before we begin the meme-filled, I want to tell you some quick news. In recap news, Square Enix has been pretty busy in their titles like Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In Kingdom Hearts III, we finally get a release date for this expanded DLC. The DLC is coming out on different dates for PS4 and XB1 owners and there’s actually two versions in which you can choose. The first version is DLC itself and the second is the same thing but with an additional $10, you get 19 music tracks and a concert video of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. For the game Final Fantasy VII Remake, it looks like it won’t be stuck on PS4 for too long. Revealed in a updated cover, the cover box states that it will be a PS4 exclusive until March 2021; this could mean that the game could jump into multiple platforms. In the movie news, we got trailers for from Marvel and DC focusing on some iconic women. In Marvel, get ready to see Black Widow’s solo movie taking place before Infinity War. We get to see Black Widow team up with old allies and fight against villains like Taskmaster. In DC, the Star-Spangled Amazonian woman Wonder Woman is back in the sequel Wonder Woman 1984. She is back along with the man he fell in love in WW1 as they save the world. Get ready for next Friday as Star Wars is about to end the epic finale of the Skywalker Saga. Next Friday we Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; this is might be the end of the epic saga but there will be more Star Wars in the future.

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Let’s enjoy these memes and baby pictures.

Don’t forget these babies!

Choose your mommy!

Bye everyone!

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