Black (Cyber) Friday Haul 2019

What’s better than Thanksgiving food? Shopping for deals on Black Friday. Technically now, according to some, Black Friday begins after Thanksgiving feasting. In Black Friday, people line up at stores and prepares to buy stuff that in major discounts. Some people stay up early in the morning in order to get those deals while others decides to take a more comfortable and begin an early Cyber Monday and shop online. Even though Cyber Monday begins on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, people can shop online early and still get deals. For myself, I am more of a online shopper if I am getting something for myself. On the Black Friday week, I went ahead and order some cool stuff from Barnes and Noble and RIghtstuf.

From Barnes and Noble, I got a Spyro the Dragon and Sparx Pop Funko! figure. This Spyro and Sparx will go great with my collection. He will be with the other video games I have like Crash, Sonic and Sora. Spryo and Sparx is the 38th figure of my collection.

From Rightstuf, I thank God for this sale because I was finally able to get the entire DVD collection of Sword Art Online. Aniplex of America joined this Christmas Holiday sale. As much as I wanted the Blu-Ray version, I stuck with the DVDs. The Blu-Ray collection was too high even for this sale. The collection comes with all the episodes from season 1 and the special episode Sword Art Online: Extra Edition. This cost me about $50.

Even I bought this way back in early November, I feel like sharing this anime collection. I also got the second season of Food Wars in the premium box set. This box set is big as the first set. It comes with exclusive anime items like a pin and scarf. Food Wars: The Second Plate premium set comes with the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. This was also on sale at the Sentai Filmworks site for whopping of $50.

Live-Action Akira movie on pause!

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2021 is going to be a busy month for new movies. We have upcoming movies such as The Flash, John Wick 4, Matrix 4 and even Thor: Love and Thunder. However, it appears that the supposedly live-action Akira movie is not mentioned at all. According to Crunchyroll, Taika Waititi (well-known for directing Thor: Ragnarok) stated that he is going to put the Akira live-action movie on hold so it would not interfere with his other movie Thor: Love and Thunder which is another title coming in 2021. So far, the only news reported is that the Akira movie is going to happen but for now, it is not the main priority. It was going to be out on May 21st, 2021, but not anymore due to change of plans.

Keanu Day? John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 share release dates!

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How long have you been a Keanu Reeves fan? Keanu Reeves is well-known for his acting in movies such as John Wick and The Matrix. He is also planned to be in a video game called Cyberpunk 2077 and he is also appearing as a guest in the third cartoon movie SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge on the Run. According to IGN, news broke out in regards to the release dates for Keanu’s next movies. John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 will be both released on May 21, 2021. After hearing this news, fans are requesting this day as Keanu Day in dedication to this coincidence.

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Japan reveal previews for My Hero Academia second movie

If you are a My Hero Academia fan, you probably enjoying season 4 of the anime as we speak. You may have also know that there is a second movie that is about to be released. Unfortunately, Funimation hasn’t confirmed any English Dub news. However, in Japan this movie will be coming out on December 20th this year. To hype the fans, the animation studio behind the anime TOHO Animation shared on its YouTube channel two previews of the movie My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising. There are only two videos but it shows the movie’s antagonist, a new setting for the main cast and scenes focusing on Midoriya and Bakugo.




One-Punch Man video game reveals Opening Movie

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If you needed another reason to get the upcoming One-Punch Man video game, I hope this opening movie convinces you. It’s been revealed by Bandai Namco that the game One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will be getting a movie intro with a theme song made by the same band who did the anime. The band JAM Project will be playing a new song made for the game called “Freaking Out”. JAM Project is well-known band in Japan who has worked in many anime titles and they are well-known for doing both intro songs for the anime On-Punch Man.

Live-Action Studio behind Detective Pikachu shuts down

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You might as well as call this a nightmare before Christmas because a movie company who made live action movies will be shutting down. The company is called Motion Picture Company and they are owned by Vancouver. M.I.P. is a motion picture company well known for being involved with CGI animation in movies like Detective Pikachu, live action The Lion King and the redesign of Sonic the Hedgehog movie and even the Oscar winning movie Life of Pi. According to an email sent to the animators and anyone in this job, it is closing down business due to “increasing external market pressures”.



Dr. Stone season 2 announcement

If you got done watching Dr. Stone, you better not drop this show if you enjoyed it. With the anime being completed on the 25th episode and the English Dub is slowly catching up, 2020 is going to be good for anime and science lovers. It was revealed on Crunchyroll that the anime series Dr. Stone will be getting a season 2. There’s no further news except this announcement.

You can watch all the episodes subbed at Crunchyroll or watch it in English Dub in Toonami or Funimation.



Jump Force reveals release date for DLC characters Law and Grimmjow! More DLC?

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Hello anime fans. I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season and not being buried in snow and too much work. As we are near the end of 2019, get ready to end it with a grand finale from the video game Jump Force. It was already announced that One Piece character Law and Bleach character Grimmjow are the last two characters the DLC season pass. It’s been revealed in a gameplay trailer of these two characters in action. In the end of the video, it is hinted that Jump Force is planned to give fans more fun in 2020. Law and Gimmjow will be ready to download in Dec 17th.

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