Japan reveal previews for My Hero Academia second movie

If you are a My Hero Academia fan, you probably enjoying season 4 of the anime as we speak. You may have also know that there is a second movie that is about to be released. Unfortunately, Funimation hasn’t confirmed any English Dub news. However, in Japan this movie will be coming out on December 20th this year. To hype the fans, the animation studio behind the anime TOHO Animation shared on its YouTube channel two previews of the movie My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising. There are only two videos but it shows the movie’s antagonist, a new setting for the main cast and scenes focusing on Midoriya and Bakugo.




3 thoughts on “Japan reveal previews for My Hero Academia second movie

  1. I’m really liking how this is looking so far. I thought the first film was great and this one appears to be even better. I’m glad the full class is going to get some screen time here and am especially ready for the Deku and Bakugou teamup

    • I still need to see the first movie but I heard it was a seller at the theaters just like Dragon Ball and One Piece. I like the direction they want to do and give us more Deku and Bakugo.

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