Live-Action Studio behind Detective Pikachu shuts down

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You might as well as call this a nightmare before Christmas because a movie company who made live action movies will be shutting down. The company is called Motion Picture Company and they are owned by Vancouver. M.I.P. is a motion picture company well known for being involved with CGI animation in movies like Detective Pikachu, live action The Lion King and the redesign of Sonic the Hedgehog movie and even the Oscar winning movie Life of Pi. According to an email sent to the animators and anyone in this job, it is closing down business due to “increasing external market pressures”.



6 thoughts on “Live-Action Studio behind Detective Pikachu shuts down

  1. Gotta be more to this story to shut down this branch suddenly. Wonder if we’ll find out someday. More importantly, hope all the workers land on their feet quickly, especially with this being the holidays.

    • Yeah based on what I found from Crunchyroll, it looks like they didn’t give out a lot of details. It could be money issues or just something personal. Hopefully these workers will find business in the movie industry. They did do a lot for movies like The Lion King and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog.

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