Weathering With You made over $5 million from weekend

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How many of you have seen the anime movie Weathering With You last week? To those who missed it, GKIDS released the anime movie Weathering With You in select theaters for limited time. Wednesday brought fans the English Dub while the Thursday gave us the Subbed version; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday weekend gave us both versions.  Weathering With You is an anime movie directed by Your Name director Makoto Shinkai. According to Crunchyroll and Box Office Mojo, the anime movie Weathering With You became the most highest grossing movie within two days after Wednesday and made over $3 million dollars. During the holiday weekend (Dr. MLK Jr. Day), this movie was also premiered again and it earned an additional $2 million dollars. In results, Weathering With You has made more money than 2018 anime movie Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Unfortunately, according to Crunchyroll, the movie didn’t reach top 10 movies in the weekend due to its limited running.

2 thoughts on “Weathering With You made over $5 million from weekend

  1. Yeah. I understand that Fathom placed a $20 per ticket floor on the price and none of the standard discounts could be applied. I ended up going to it but my wife backed out, saying that no movie was worth $20 to see. It showed in two theaters, dubbed at 7 pm and subbed at 8 pm. Both were about 40% full.

    It was not, IMHO, as good as Your Name but it was still pretty good. I hope this premium pricing scheme doesn’t become the new business model for anime movies. I’d hate for anime to become the province of the cultural elite.

    • Yeah I heard this movie was good but it wasn’t better than Your Name. When me and my friend went to see this theaters in English Dub, it wasn’t even full. I wonder if this movie would make more money if it wasn’t just for select theaters. If anything, companies will try to make money out of anime because they people will go out and see them.

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