Project Xehanort? A new Kingdom Hearts mobile game?

With the news of the release Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, you think you would have enough Kingdom Hearts fun. Well, Square Enix has some plans in the future for us. Tease yesterday, the Kingdom Hearts Twitter shared an account on their page of called “Project Xehanort”. There is no full details yet, but according to the page and website, there is plans of a Kingdom Hearts mobile focusing on the game’s antagonist Xehanort. Fans can submit the name of the project tile and hope to win a prize. Besides the contest, the tagline in the website states this: Why did  he become the seeker of Darkness? It’s unknown what is the plans of this mobile game but it is planned to be out for iOS, Android and Amazon devices in Spring 2020.


Kingdom Hearts 


2 thoughts on “Project Xehanort? A new Kingdom Hearts mobile game?

  1. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one. I never played the original KH mobile game, but one about a young Xehanort definitely sounds promising. I’d like to see why he became so twisted

    • I played the one Kingdom Hearts Union game. It was fun but I lost my data. I heard that game was fun but the story was pretty slow. I might get this new one because Xehanort does interest me.

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