Rumor: Did Chris Sabat harass Kara Edwards?

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Disclaimer warning: This is just a rumor I recently heard about voice actors Chris Sabat and Kara Edwards. Just like my post about Stephanie Nadolny, we don’t know if there is any truth or false in this rumor. However, we should take everything in a grain of sand and pay attention to the signs. Once again, there is no confirmation on this rumor but make sure you listen and observe.

Chris Sabat: English voice of Dragon Ball character such as Vegeta, Piccolo Yamcha and even other anime like Zoro from One Piece and All Might from My Hero Academia.

Kara Edwards: English voice of Videl and Goten from Dragon Ball

Chuck Huber: English voice of Emperor Pilaf and Android 17 in Dragon Ball

Stephanie Nadolny: Former English voice of Kid Goku, Kid and Teen Gohan

Vic Mignogna: Former English voice of Broly and Dragon Ball Z Kai version of Burter.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer reveals theme song “Hollow”

News broke out yesterday from Square Enix because they released a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this new trailer, we got some new footage revealing some iconic moments such as the party meeting Red XIII, Sephiroth’s return and the Shinra business people including the mad scientist Hojo. For fanservice, Square Enix finally revealed Cloud in his cross-dressing dress; veteran fans will recall this moment where Cloud disguised as himself as a girl to sneak into Don Corneo’s hide out to save Tifa. However, this new trailer also reveals the game’s new theme song. The song is called Hollow and it was composed by legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu.

If you are interested on hearing comments from Nobuo Uematsu and the game soundtrack’s other composers Masashi Hamauzu and Mitsuto Suzuki, read at the Square Enix blog.

Nobuo Uematsu:

Whichever game you pick from the FINAL FANTASY series, they all have many powerful memories for me. However, if you limit things to just the music, then you could say that VII left the biggest impression on me in the sense that it represents the point at which I was able to start challenging the boundaries and being more experimental.

Nobody has seen music like this in the FINAL FANTASY series before, whether you look at the symphonic “Opening – Bombing Mission”, the numerous different vistas evoked within a single track in “Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII” or “One-Winged Angel”, that was made by arranging different sequences of phrases every few bars.

I think that perhaps it was the perfect time to take on these new challenges, what with changing platforms after the previous game, FINAL FANTASY VI, and with the expressive power of the hardware increasing dramatically.

However, looking back in hindsight, I think that it was not simply a case of the hardware evolving, but that the changing times also demanded a revolution in game music. That was the moment when video games, a medium that started out as a plaything for children, were making the transformation into a form of entertainment that adults could enjoy too. But even though things were changing around us, we had no idea what to do or which direction we should be heading in.

Nobody could have possibly known what the right answers were back then. I just sat alone in my room each day and wordlessly took on musical challenge after new musical challenge, setting no final goal for the finished game, and without even listening to the opinions of others. And the result of that was the soundtrack to FINAL FANTASY VII.

This time round I was given the honour of writing “Hollow” that plays during the game, and this track is also in a style that has never been seen in FINAL FANTASY before. To me, it is very much a continuation of my experimental challenges in the field of music.

This game will be out on April 10th, 2020 for PS4.