Rumor: Did Chris Sabat harass Kara Edwards?

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Disclaimer warning: This is just a rumor I recently heard about voice actors Chris Sabat and Kara Edwards. Just like my post about Stephanie Nadolny, we don’t know if there is any truth or false in this rumor. However, we should take everything in a grain of sand and pay attention to the signs. Once again, there is no confirmation on this rumor but make sure you listen and observe.

Chris Sabat: English voice of Dragon Ball character such as Vegeta, Piccolo Yamcha and even other anime like Zoro from One Piece and All Might from My Hero Academia.

Kara Edwards: English voice of Videl and Goten from Dragon Ball

Chuck Huber: English voice of Emperor Pilaf and Android 17 in Dragon Ball

Stephanie Nadolny: Former English voice of Kid Goku, Kid and Teen Gohan

Vic Mignogna: Former English voice of Broly and Dragon Ball Z Kai version of Burter.

In a previous post, I wrote about Vic’s livestream where he opens up and talks about the allegations. In his livestream, Vic points out the voice actors that were against him and they were the ones and accusing him for assault. He mentioned voice actor Kara Edwards and he said that Kara spoke up and told everyone that Vic attacked her. However, in Vic’s livestream, he points out and tells us that if she was truamatized, why did she wanted to sit next to him for autographs and go out to eat during the Broly movie premiere.

In a video from Dynamic Network, SGSAMI reveals something that could be shocking in regards to Kara.

During the whole Vic controversy, voice actor Kara Edwards came out and stated that Vic, in the past, had harmed her and made things worse in her life with her job at Funimation and she said whenever she went to a convention with him, she would try to distant herself. However, like mentioned, Vic in his livestream counter argued ad said Kara was the opposite and she wanted to be with him.  In SGSAMI’s video, he shares to us a leaked video from Kara and his opinions and feelings towards Chris Sabat. According to the video, Kara mentioned that she missed the old days of Funimation and she mentioned that Chris Sabat “had” to know every information of her such as who was she dating. She also adds on to saying how Chris would give her “awful” nicknames. SGSAMI points out that if you pay attention to Kara’s video and look her face, you can guess how she feels when thinking about the old Funimation and Chris Sabat.

There is a full video of Kara Edwards if you want to see it. This is from Come Geek Stone:

Like I said earlier from the beginning, this just a rumor! This is probably just for exaggeration or these videos could hint that something is wrong in Funimation. Just like Chuck Huber’s affidavit, he did witness some of the stuff going on in the studio. Once again, if what happened to Stephanie Nadolny is true, then Chris Sabat has been harassing his co-workers. Instead of Vic being the one to blame, it was all Chris. But like I said, this is just a rumor. I don’t have solid evidence proving it.

Chuck Huber’s affidavit

Stephanie Nadolny rumor

Vic Mignogna emotional livestream

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11 thoughts on “Rumor: Did Chris Sabat harass Kara Edwards?

  1. She also said “Vic’s my pal,” but the video was outright deleted, that’s what I could tell.

      • I actually thought the video was gone, but it’s right here.

        Kara Edwards actually redeemed from #KickVic, if you go back, you’ll understand why.

        Andy Signore SPEAKS out & Kara Edwards says Vic is her friend

        Her video was unfinished all the way, but was outright deleted, and says this, and probably because it’s my fault for that to happen, ‘cause on her site, you have to either call her for permission, or something else.

  2. It’s just what like Vic said, if Kara was so traumatized by Vic, it wouldn’t make sense why she would be in conventions signing autographs, having dinner with him during the Broly premiere, or join him in Star Trek adventures.

    More leaked videos from Funimation though.

    Plus, A list of voice actors who knew and never knew:

    That’s about what I could say.

  3. S’more (Some more {as a joke}) about Chris.

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