False Advertisement? Funimation sells censored “uncensored” anime Tsugumomo

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If you think Funimation dropping Interspecies Reviewers was an insane move in the anime community, how do you feel about them selling an anime that is supposed to be uncensored but it is actually censored. This news was something I forgot to write about but now that I got the time to write it, I am here to share with you about this recent news.

When it comes to fanservice anime or anime that shows off skin, Funimation is well-known for being uncut and uncensored for certain titles like High School DxD. However, this anime title Tsugumomo didn’t get the same fair treatment. Fans who bought the Blu-ray was in for a surprise when they thought they were getting an uncensored anime according to box cover.

from 2018 Blu-ray set

For Second Time, Funimation Promises “Uncut” Release of Tsugumomo, Delivers Censored Version Instead

from Tsugumomo – The Complete Series – Essentials

a Twitter user shared some clips revealing scenes that were supposed to be uncensored was still censored. Another user in Imgur shared pictures of this anime being uncensored and how it intended to be,

Funimation would later release a statement in regards to this censored news:

Funimation‘s normal process is to utilize uncensored materials when available to produce a home video release. If uncensored materials are not available, we utilize the TV broadcast version. This was the case with the “Tsugumomo The Complete Series” BD/DVD Combo which utilizes a combination of uncensored and TV broadcast materials based on what was available from the licensor during home video production.

In short, if you recently bought the 2020 Essential Blu-ray set and you expected this anime to be faithful as the original Japanese copy, you will be disappointed and you just basically bought the exact same Blu-ray version from 2018. So far, Funimation hasn’t sold an official copy of the anime with uncensored, untouched scenes.


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