The end of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? No plans for any Dissidia titles?

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Even some fun things have to end eventually. It looks like there are no future plans for this fighting game crossover. According to a livestream from Square Enix, the fighting game Dissida Final Fantasy NT will no longer be including anymore DLC characters and it will cease any further updates. The last DLC character to join the game was Ardyn from Final Fantasy XV. March 5th will be the last update in this will include costumes for anyone who wants to buy and download. In the livestream game producer Ichiro Hazama stated that the online will still be available for anyone who wants to play. However, he did make a comment that the online will “eventually end.” He also goes on saying that currently, there won’t be any plans for more Dissidia games. All three Dissidia NT games will be affected which is the Japanese arcade from 2015, the 2018 PS4, and the free to play PC version.

What started from the PSP to the arcade and to the PS4 and PC, Dissidia is coming to a close.


2 thoughts on “The end of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? No plans for any Dissidia titles?

  1. On one hand, I wish they’d make a Dissidia more like the originals instead of the 3v3 chaos. On the other, I hope teams are working on the next games in series like FFVIIR and KH instead of spin-offs.

    • I always liked the originals more than the 3v3 fight. 3v3 was a bit too much. I heard Dissidia was going to be a Kingdom Hearts game but Disney didn’t like the idea of having Disney characters fighting each other. If we didn’t have to worry about Disney, I would have love to play as the KH characters.

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