Final Fantasy VII Remake news: Demo is launched! Red XIII won’t be playable in full game! #FF7R

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If you been following the hashtag #FF7R on Twitter, you are in a for a big surprise in this month. We are in March and we have a few weeks left for the upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you guys are excited for this game or are curious if it’s worth the time and money, Square Enix has some good news for you. Square Enix officially announced a demo release today for the game. This demo is free and it won’t tale up much memory for your PS4. So if you are like me and excited for the full release, download this demo for a short experience. If you are curious about this game, go check it out.

Red XII not playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Fans of the classic game will remember Red XIII. Red XIII becomes a party member for Cloud for his friends after saving Aerith from Shinra. Even though the recent trailers revealed that Red XIII will be in this game, he will not be playable. Here is what co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said:

“We felt the point at which Red XIII joins the party in the story is very late on so we thought okay, if we’re gonna have him as a full character and try and get the player to enjoy his character development arc and growth as a character through that, it’s not really enough time to do that.”

According to IGN, Red XIII will be played as an AI guest character in the last portion of the Final Fantasy VII Remake story. Players can customize his moves and allow the computer to perform attacks from the classic game. Currently, there is no confirmed news that Red XIII will be playable in the next Final Fantasy VII Remake game.



9 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake news: Demo is launched! Red XIII won’t be playable in full game! #FF7R

  1. Whaaaat?! Bah, it figures! My favorite character in the game, and not even playable in this version! Yuffie, Cait Sith, Cid, and Vincent all join MUCH later, so will they not be playable either? That would leave us with… Aerith (who dies), Cloud, Tifa, and Barrett. So the re-done version has less to work with than the original? Wow. Not exactly a forward step, I’d say.

    • Haha to bad we will have to wait for the other games so we can choose our characters. I believe this Remake game is going to focus Midgar featuring only these characters. I also heard they want to not only re-work the classic game but also add stuff that they couldn’t do in the original.

  2. As I recall, this si going to be episodic, isn’t it? Perhaps Red XIII will become playable later on. Part of me hopes so, but I must admit, with no PS4, ‘m not as annoyed as I would be if I had access to the game

    • Yeah it is. I think they plan to not only remake everything from the classic but they want to add stuff that they couldn’t add in the classics. I don’t know what is the plan from Square Enix but based on the game’s cover, it is going to be a PS4 exclusive until 2021. For all we know, this game could be in other platforms like Xbox One or PC.

  3. Rude as hell. He was my favourite character. Hopefully, they will change their mind and make him playable in future episodes, or give him his own full side story DLC. I would settle for the latter for sure.

    • I like Red XIII. I like his design. I am going to predict that he will be making more appearances in the next games. I heard in the classic games we do get to explore more on his character and also Barret.

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