Disney+ adds Marvel anime Marvel’s Future Avengers

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Hello Disney fans! If you thought Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 couldn’t get you more excited, I got something to share with you that might make you want to switch sides to Marvel. It’s been announced by Marvel that the anime series Marvel’s Future Avengers will be on Disney+. If you like Marvel and anime and you want to see the two combined together, you can now stream and watch season 1. Based on the plot, the story is about the Avengers saving three bio-superhuman children from the clutches of Hydra. The kids are named Makato (codename: Hurricane), Chloe (codename: Charade) and Adi (codename: Codec). These kids will be mentored by the Avengers and will become the Future Avengers.


Marvel – Marvel’s Future Avengers on Disney+

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Ducktales: Remastered returns to digital markets!

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It looks like this classic remastered video game is back all thanks to Capcom. It’s been announced today that Capcom has brought back this remastered classic game, DuckTales: Remastered.  However, this game is only available for PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility) and PS3. There is no news of this game appearing in recent consoles such as PS4 or Switch.

Originally, this game was removed from the digital markets in which I mentioned in August’s post.


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