Marvel comic writer Dan Slott curses Trump supporters and blocks Twitter users

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When it comes to politics, this topic can bring out the worst in people. It’s important to know about our world and about our leaders in the government. However, just like religion, people will turn there heads away from politics if it becomes a nuisance and overbearing everywhere. For example, if politics was in video games or comic book movies or anything in the entertainment section, fans will not tolerate it. This comic writer has something to say in regards to anyone supporting President Donald Trump.

According to the news site Bounding Into Comics, Marvel comic book writer Dan Slott decided to write out a heated opinion towards Donald Trump supporters. Some people like Susan Eisenberg (well-known for voicing Wonder Woman in Justice League) can agree with Slott by stating this “and yet people will vote for him again, and nothing it seems will change that. It’s incomprehensible and insane to me!”

Also, to add fuel into flames, if you have a Twitter account, he is also blocking people including fans who has an opinion with Donald Trump. Whether you support him or not, he is blocking anyone who mentions the presidents name. Just in case if you are wondering why you got blocked online out of sheer randomness, it’s Dan Slott showing his opinion towards Trump supporters.

Whomever you support in politics, don’t put your politics first instead of the fans. Dan Slott is a comic book writer who writes Marvel comics such as Spider-Man (Big Time and Spider-Island) and 2019 Fantastic Four. Are you a fan of his comics? If you were blocked by him, how do you feel? I never once talked to him nor I mentioned anything about my opinions about Donald Trump but I recently found out I was blocked.


Bounding Into Comics

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4 thoughts on “Marvel comic writer Dan Slott curses Trump supporters and blocks Twitter users

  1. This has been happening for years. Check out most Marvel writer/artist Twitter accounts. Filled with anti-Trump rhetoric and insults to anyone who disagrees (even comic fans). No wonder the American comic book industry is on life support. They say it’s because people don’t buy books anymore… and yet manga soars in popularity.

    • I figured. It feels like a lot of Marvel comic writers are expressing their opinions in politics. I notice how the comics are different than the past and it shows. At least with manga, they don’t focus on politics that much.

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