5 Games That Have Had the Biggest Impact On My Life…Thus Far

Hello gamers! I am here to share with you a personal post about me and my love for video games. I got tagged this morning by aniblogger and friend BeckNaja from Blerdy Otome. She got tagged on Twitter by user Lizzo of Soulcial Dreamers and she shared her answers on her post.

It is easy to quickly share your top 5 answers, but it is even better when you explain in details on why you chose them. In this post, I want to share with you my top 5 games that made a last impression on me. There is a lot of games that hit my gaming heart meter, but some really left a mark on me. I am not ranking these titles, but rather naming the top 5 in my head.

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Final Fantasy XV

Whether you love or hate it, Final Fantasy XV is not the perfect Final Fantasy game but I love it. I never actually played and owned an actual Final Fantasy title before I only know some spin-offs especially from Final Fantasy VII. I heard about this game a while back when Final Fantasy XIII was popular and Square Enix was preparing for the upcoming game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Unfortunately, the game went into hiatus and then later converted in Final Fantasy XV. This game was life changing in my opinion. I grew attached to the main characters in my party and I love seeing the growth on Noctis Lucis Caelum. By the end of the game, I cried and I was happy to make memories with these brothers in arms.

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Kingdom Hearts III

Despite waiting for years until this game was released, this is a game that made me feel so connected to the Disney worlds and characters. It made me happy to play as the happy kid Sora and it is really amazing to be part of the Disney worlds and for the first time, be with Pixar characters like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. The soundtrack is a must listen and the singer Utada Hikaru knocks out of the park including her collab song with Skrillex. This game does an excellent job on closing the Xehanort Saga and it makes me want more adventures for Sora and his friends.

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Pokemon: Pearl

Besides the other spin-off titles like Pokemon Stadium and Colosseum, Pokemon: Pearl was the first Pokemon title I owned. I really enjoyed catching and battling Pokemon at the Sinnoh Region. It brought me joy of catching the Space manipulating Pokemon Palkia. I am late to the other games like Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal but this is a game I would spend hours back in high school.

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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Whenever someone ask me what is my all time favorite Sonic game, I always say Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This game was tons of fun when I was little and even as an adult. I like the stories told in the good and bad side. It was the first time I got to play as Dr. Eggman. I spent hours at the Chao Garden and raising them. I also love the soundtrack from each of the stages and the songs from Crush 40 like Escape from the City and Live and Learn.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Despite me not experiencing the classic Final Fantasy VII game when it was released, I was always fond of the stories and characters of Final Fantasy VII. I got the chance to see experience Final Fantasy VII in this prequel story focusing on Cloud’s best friend, Zack Fair. Zack was a character I quickly grew attached and I love how he loved for his friends and his pride on his job. This game was a rollercoaster ride and this game made me shed manily tears at the end. Zack would later be my favorite character in Final Fantasy VII. I am stil wishing upon a star for a port/remaster game of Crisi Core so I can play on my PS4 or Switch.

As a gamer, I plan to play more games as time passes. I can’t play every title, but I will make the memories. There is so much I want to share with you but maybe next time.

I tag these people to share their top five video games. This is not an awards post so feel free to join in if you did not get nominated.