COVID-19 news: Disney delays movie titles

I hope everyone is staying safe and away from this coronavirus. This is an annoying times for all of us not just in United States but also all over the world. As you may have noticed, grocery stores are barely giving us essentials and some of us can’t travel. Not just daily lives, but stores and even movies are shutting down this month. Movies are being pushed back as well and this is bad news for Disney. While Pixar’s Onward is currently playing for now, future titles from this company are going to be released much later due to this pandemic.

It has been reported by Variety that Disney will be delaying movies that were initially planned to be released in the spring. The following movies that will be halted for release is Marvel Studio’s Black Widow, Fox’s New Mutants and Antlers and Disney’s live-action adaptation Mulan. So far there is no new release date.



Black Widow

Mulan, New Mutants and Antlers 

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Image result for new mutants

Image result for antlers movie

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