Anime news: Bleach anime is returning and Burn the Witch OVA announcement?!

Great news Bleach fans, I hope you guys are still fans of Tite Kubo’s amazing manga series Bleach. Today I woke up with some amazing news regarding this Shonen series. Put down your My Hero Academia show or put away your Demon Slayer manga because one of the big three is coming back.

It’s been years since the anime has ended, but it ended with a cliffhanger and we never got to see an animated version of the last arc, Thousand-Year Blood War. The anime ended in 2012, but the manga ended in 2016. Now, according to Twitter anime news A.I.R. (Anime Intelligence Research), they found a recent issue of Japanese Shonen Jump magazine with a transcript regarding Bleach. While translating it is been announced that long awaited finale of Bleach will finally get the anime adaptation treatment. To make things even more exciting, the Bleach spin-off one-shot manga Burn the Witch will also get an OVA anime adaption. Originally, this news was going to be announced on March 23rd at AnimeJapan2020 event, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event has been cancelled and thr announcement will be made on March 20th, 8:45 PM.

If you want to read the one-shot, I will leave the link where you can read at Weekly Shonen Jump:

Shonen Jump



Bleach 20th Project