Violet Evergarden movie new poster and Japanese release date

Violet Evergarden: The Movie

If you are in Japan, you might want to bring some tissues because this movie will probably make you cry. If you remembered correctly, Kyoto Animation announced that they would be doing two films of the anime Violet Evergarden. One was a spin-off movie which was released in theaters in February and Funimation premiered it along with My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and the other is a movie which is planned to be released later in 2020. Today, according to Crunchyroll, Kyoto Animation released a poster for the upcoming movie. The poster reveals that the movie will be in Japanese theaters in April 24th.

According to Crunchyroll as well, the spin-off movie will be heading towards Netflix in April 2nd. The movie is called Violet Evergarden – Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll.



2 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden movie new poster and Japanese release date

    • Yeah I know so I am not holding my breathe for an April release date. If there is any news in delays, I want to know. I’m a bit iffy for April and I hope it does better than March.

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