Friday Funny 257: Hello neighbor… and goodbye demons!


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s me Matthew and I am here to bring in memes for your Friday. I don’t pan on cancelling my Friday Funny posts anytime soon unless otherwise. I hope everyone is having a safe week since the world is under the threat of the COVID-19, coronoavirus. I pray for everyone to stay safe and I hope this virus gets under control so things can go back to normality. I also hope you are also supplied with daily essentials paper products and hand sanitizers. I will start off the usual bad news everyone already knows. With the COVID-19 is still active, everything is closed and people are unemployed. Movies in the theaters are unfortunately delayed and so is upcoming TV shows. Disney movies like the upcoming live-action Mulan movie and Black Widow are going to be on hiatus once this virus passes. Sonic the Hedgehog has become the highest selling movie in theaters, but unfortunately, his parade of fame comes to a close as theaters are shutting down this month. Despite the bad news, we do have some light in this grim times. Today is the release of long awaited video games which is Doom: Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizon/ You can either slay demons with hardcore weapons and rock music or stay in a island make friends. Next Friday is the release of Persona 5 Royal. In the anime community, it has been reported that the return of Tite Kubo’s series Bleach is coming back and the final arc of the series will be animated. His one-shot manga Burn the Witch is also going to be getting an anime as well but as OVA.

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Let’s make friends by killing off monsters!

Check out these game trailers to hype.

Here are some Bleach songs to celebrate the announcement of the anime coming back!

Until we meet again, see you in the gaming world!

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