Friday Funny 258: Are you a royal thief or a dirty pirate?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing well and surviving from this coronavirus pandemic. I hope everyone is having fun with these new video games like Doom: Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizon. For anime fans, get ready to come back to a royal return of Joker and the Phantom Thieves. Atlus is releasing an updated version of Persona 5 called Persona 5 Royal. In this new game, Persona 5 Royal is the same game of the best selling game of the standard version with additional content such having a new character join the game and having more kingdoms to raid. If you like the standard game and you want more fun, go get this game today. If Persona 5 Royal isn’t your interest, maybe you will like One Piece. Also being released today is One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. If you played the past games, you already know the gameplay, but with this game, get ready to play as many new characters. Get ready to experience from the beginning to the current Wano arc and fighting the Four Emperors. Despite this COVID-19 outbreak, there is always time to play video games.

Last but not least, tomorrow is my birthday! I will be turning 26 this year. Thank you so much for being with me from last year and I hope we continue to chat this year. God bless you guys!

Feel free to donate at Ko-Fi to support my website or give me a birthday present for only 3 dollars.

Let’s this party!

Which game do you want? Persona 5: Royal or One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4?

See you next week and God bless you all!

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