Friday Funny 259: Zombie Apocalypse is cancelled


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another funny and fun-filled Friday! It’s a-me Matthew and I am here to help add some fun to your weekend. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this tough time. While we are in a crisis, let’s not forget to continue to strive and not forget to have fun and smile. Let’s do our best to cheer others and remind them to look on the positives in life. Before we begin, let me tell you some quick news. While you are still enjoying games like Persona 5: Royal, Doom: Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizon, I hope you saved enough money for your gaming library and made space for memory. This month we have two big remake games based on some classics. Coming out this weekend, we have Capcom’s Resident Evil 3. Based on the 1999 classic, Capcom did what exactly what they did with Resident Evil 2 2019 (also called Resident Evil 2 Remake) and remade the classic 3rd game. If you though Nemesis was scary in the past, get ready to face him again in full details. Next week, we have Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake video game. Even though the game is expected to be released on April 10th, there are other places aside from North America that are able to get their copies early. Places like Australia has people already obtaining their copies. If you already have Final Fantasy VII Remake, don’t spoil the game for anyone who wants to play this game. Even though the game is a remake of the classic of the first part of the game, Square Enix added new content to the story and it would be a great shame for anyone who gets spoiled. This also includes anyone who never played the classic Final Fantasy VII video game from the PS1 or played any of the HD ports.

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With this said, let’s not get infected by COVID-19 or the T-Virus!

Enjoy some Resident Evil music from the UMvC3 soundtrack:

Sheer randomness

See you in the virtual world!

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