DC animated series Harley Quinn will join SyFy

Watch Harley Quinn Season 1 on DC Universe

If you like me who doesn’t have the streaming subscription service DC Universe, you’re probably missing out on DC’s exclusive shows like Doom Patrol, Titans and the animated explicit series Harley Quinn. While the shows like Titans and Doom Patrol are released for physical DVDs for anyone who wants to watch, Harley Quinn has yet to have a DVD release. Good news for anyone who wants to watch this violent and hilarious cartoon featuring the clown girl Harley Quinn. It’s been announced that this show will be available on the TV channel SyFy.

SyFy released a statement explainning that DC Universe Harley Quinn will be exclusively broadcasted starting at May 3rd on Sunday and will reach the last episode on May 24th; this will cover season 1.



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