ICYMI news: English VA Jamie Marchi under heat with anti-gun tweet

Why? (Rias Gremory x Male reader) by SharkyX7 on DeviantArt

Quarantine is tough. Not only business has to slow down, but schools are forced to close down and kids have to rely on digital learning to continue their education. We are in April and people are praying and demanding for places to be open. This week, I recently discovered some news involving English Voice actress Jamie Marchi and schools. This was reported by Bounding into Comics.

a reporter from Vox (liberal-leaning American news and opinion website) named Aaron Rupar shared a video clip of Dr. Oz talking about “re-opening” places in the United States. In the video, Dr. Oz stated that opening schools would cost 2-3% chance of the mortality rate and the tradeoff is something to think about.

Following Rupar’s tweet, we have a user who goes by @emrazz retweeting/sharing with her comments. Joining in the discussion, we have voice actress Jamie Marchi joining in the discussion with a anti-gun tweet.

Due to this tweet, many anime fans took offense to this tweet and did not like seeing Marchi making a comment about school shootings. Despite her not taking it literally, the fans heavily criticized her behavior and thought she went too far. In response, she stated that the reason why people did not like the way she tweeted is because she is a woman with freedom of speech.

This tweet news happened this week and so far it hasn’t escalated to anything further. What do you guys think about this news? Do you think Jamie went too far? Do you think the people on Twitter was quick to lash out on her?

Jamie Marchi is a voice actress that works in anime especially in Funimation. She voices Rias from High School DxD, Masane from Witchblade and Marcarita from Dragon Ball Super.



Bounding Into Comics


17 thoughts on “ICYMI news: English VA Jamie Marchi under heat with anti-gun tweet

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  2. The way Jamie Marchi has been acting disgusting like grown up and act professionally stop posting dumb stuff on Twitter.

    • I don’t see much of her tweets, but based on stuff like this, I think she needs to consider her audience and how would they feel. Her fans are reading her stuff.

  3. Jamie Marchi needs to grow up and stop acting like a victim when she post dumb tweets. Like seriously. I’m sick and tired of these VAs posting dumb stuff. Is it really that hard to act professionally.

    • It’s tough also when voice actors put their political opinions first before fans. Stuff like this school shooting tweet didn’t sound professional. I think she took it far especially in critical times like this.

  4. What is with the VAs posting dumb tweets on Twitter. Like is it really that hard to act professionally and be a adult. Jamie Marchi needs to grown up and apologize.

    • Knowing her, she probably just going to block people and move on. Based on the tweets I hear about her, she acts like she is the top dog and doesn’t feel obliged to apologize.

    • She has made on valid point. Free speech is not for comfortable speech
      Freedom of speech is for saying things that make other people uncomfortable or it is nothing at all. That includes hate soeech and “triggering” speech. The proper way to counter bad speech is good speech. Countering it with more hate just.leads to hate squared and changes no minds – even if it may feel good. Censorship is a complete failure and the end of democracy.

      Between Trump on one side and cancel culture on the other, if you believe in freedom, we live in perilous times.

      • It is pretty perilous. I do agree with you. The only way we can settle these freedom of speech is by being civil. Using hate is going to create more strife.

    • Some people agree with that. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I can see that from her. She’s the type to wanting to cause trouble and get entertained.

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