Lamentations 3:22 (NIV)

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel in development!

Paramount, Sega Sammy Developing 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Sequel ...

Nothing can stop this hedgehog. With the success to the early 2020 movie Sonic the Hedgehog, which was released in theaters during Valentines Day weekend, it has been reported from sources that the movie is planning a sequel. According to sources like IGN and Variety, the team behind the movie will be teaming up again for the sequel. Movie director Jeff Fowler and script writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller will be back. According to Variety, the movie has not set a production date yet or confirmed the cast yet and the movie is in the development stage.

As someone who watched the first movie, this movie was amazing. What do you think about the news?




Attack on Titan The Final Season revealed! Japan plans to release recap film!

Greetings fans. I hope everyone is doing okay. Today I bring you some anime news that will make you hyped up. Today in the anime community we have news in regards to the anime Attack on Titan. According to the news, Japan has revealed the first trailer and visual for the upcoming anime Attack on Titan The Final Season. It has been revealed that a new anime studio will take over this anime. The company in charge of animation will be studio MAPPA instead of WIT Studio..

To hype up the train, Japan announced that they plan to release a recap movie called Attack on Titan: Chronicle. According to sources, the movie will be a recap of the past three seasons leading up to Attack on Titan Final.

Attack on Titan: Chronicle

How do you feel about the news?




Friday Funny 267: iPhones can save the town, Androids can save the universe


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to this episode of Friday Funny. It’s your host Matthew and I am here to give you memes for this day. Before we begin, I am here to talk about recent news. Move over Disney Plus and Netflix, because a new streaming service has just begun taking over. HBO Max is here and many viewers can watch their favorite movies and TV shows or even anime. With HBO Max, fans can watch cartoons like Looney Tunes and even classic cartoons like Ed, Edd’n Eddy. Anime fans will be able to watch anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and Berserk. One of the biggest news to come from HBO Max is the now confirmed news of the Snyder Cut version of Justice League. It is officially announced that HBO Max will be giving fans the Snyder treatment and we will be able to see a different version of 2017’s Justice League movie directed by a different director. If you didn’t like Joss Whedon’s version, brace yourself for 2021 for a different version. Today is the last Friday of May and we are approaching June. It’s crazy how time flies with a three day weekend. In June, get ready for the arrival of summer and Father’s Day. If the weather couldn’t get any hotter, maybe some video games will change your mind. In June 19th, we are going to be getting the sequel game The Last of Us Part 2. This game is a sequel to 2013’s game and Naughty Dog wants fans to not only experience the realistic gameplay, but also a cinema like story. If you somehow found the leaks to the story, don’t spoil for anticipating fans. If a cinema game like this doesn’t appeal to you, how about a cartoon game. Also coming out in June, we have the game SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. This game is a remake of 2003’s game, but now this game is enhanced with updated graphics and added content that was cut from the original game. You can get with this (SpongeBob) or you can get with that (TLoU2).

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Let’s start this Friday with something risky and dangerous. Anyone remember Harambe?

To end this post, let’s relieve some old videos that makes you feel like you are stuck between 2015 through 2017.

That’s all everyone. Go enjoy yourself!

Sega Genesis Mini console review;maxHeight=1000;maxWidth=1000

GameStop details:

  • SEGA Genesis Mini Console & 2 wired controllers
  • 40 games + 2 Bonus Games
  • Power cable & USB adapter
  • HDMI cable

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Anime Video Game news: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 announces updates! Fairy Tail game delayed!

In case you missed it, here are some news regarding to anime video games in the past couple of days:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Revealed in a latest issue of Japan’s V-Jump, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is going to be getting another update in which includes another playable character and some items for your custom character. Joining the roster we have the Supreme Kai of Time herself, Chronoa. Chronoa is a character that guides the player in the story and she allows her to interact with the Dragon Ball history. In this upcoming update, players will be able to play as her in the game. Also included in the update, we will be getting costumes pieces base on DBS version of Broly and Chronoa. So far, there is no release date or price.

Fairy Tail

It is unfortunate to mention this, but the upcoming RPG game Fairy Tail will be hit by a delay. Due to COVID-19, Fairy Tail won’t be released in June. In a statement by Koei Tecmo, the Fairy Tail game will instead be released in July 31st, 2020 for NA fans. Gamers in Europe and Japan will get this game on July 30th, 2020. This game will be released on PS4, PC and Switch and it will be made by the same team who worked on One Piece Pirate Warriors and Attack on Titans.




Top 5 “new” anime that should join Toonami

Toonami - December 21st 2019 Intro "TOM 6" - YouTube

Almost like my top 10 post about Toonami and previously aired anime, I have another top post to share with all of you. Last time, I talked about what anime should return to Toonami. Today, I want to talk about “new” anime that has yet to join this Saturday night block. When I say new, I don’t mean new as in current year/season anime that was made in this current year. I say new as in anime that never showed up on Toonami. For example, the anime Hunter x Hunter joined Toonami with an English Dub on 2016, but the anime original aired on 2011-14 in subbed online. Even though anime wasn’t brand new to most viewers, this anime was new and fresh for TV users. We also got some new anime joined Saturdays such as Dr. Stone, Mob Psycho 100 and The Promised Neverland. In this post, I want to list my top 5 new anime that could join Toonami.

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tale': Final Season Will Bring Overdue Reunions and Epic ...

We had many long-going anime before such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and even the current Naruto Shippuden. Now joining along these titles is these Funimation titles Black Clover and My Hero Academia. I never watched Fairy Tail. but I heard from people that this is a great Shonen anime that is fun to get into if you like anime like One Piece and Naruto. Oddly enough, despite this anime having a huge fanbase, this anime has not appeared on Toonami. One of these days, I do want to get into this series. With this COVID-19 going on, Funimation has been dealing with the dub for the anime My Hero Academia . I feel like once they are done with recording the English Dub of season 4 of the anime, I think it would be nice to see them take a break and give fans something different that is already recorded and will keep people wanting more Saturday nights.

4. Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online (2018-)

Just like My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online Alicization next arc is hit by the COVID-19 delay. I feel like until things get busy again, I think it would be cool if Toonami includes this spinoff anime, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online. In this anime, taking place in the same world of SAO, the story focuses on new characters besides Kirito and the group and the anime centers on Gun Gale Online, which was a game introduced in season 2 of the main SAO story. This anime does have Kirito, but this anime does have cute and likeable characters and it will be a breather from the main story’s “serious tone” in plot. I seen this anime and I like it.

3. Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Review | Brutal Gamer

Anybody remember Blue Exorcist joining Toonami? This is not a sequel to the main anime that aired in 2012. According to sources, Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga focuses the Kyoto Impure Arc from the manga; specifically, according to Otaku Magazine, this anime takes place after episode 17 where the story sticks to source material. In short, this new version of the anime replaces the second half of the old version. I really like the anime and if you like themes like exorcism and fighting demonic evil, this is something to watch. I would like to see Toonami add this anime on TV. Similar to One-Punch Man season 2, this anime can be streamed anywhere, but last time I checked, the English Dub is exclusive in Hulu.

2. Accel World

VIZ | The Official Website for Accel World

Made by the same creators of Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara created this series called Accel World. Unfortunately in the community, this anime doesn’t get much attention like SAO. I seen some of the anime, but I say it’s a good and fun series to watch. If you like Sword Art Online and video games, this something to watch. This anime about 24 episodes and I think it will keep viewers entertain.

1. The Rising of the Shield Hero Skinhub 12" x 15" Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari The ...

I haven’t seen this anime, but I have others saying this anime is really good, while others say controversial stuff about it. Despite this anime getting bad reviews from ANN and this series dealing with controversial themes, fans have said this anime hits the nail and it’s a great isekai anime. With an anime popular and having the green light for more seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toonami adds this title on Saturdays.

These are just suggestions. What about you guys? What kind of anime you want to see on TV? What new anime deserves a chance for public?

Friday Funny 266: legends awaken


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this pandemic. Before we begin, I got some quick, brief news for you. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. Monday is the time to remember the soldiers who fought for the United States and thank them for their service. Even with this COVID-19 pandemic, let’s not let this virus stop us from giving thanks to the heroes of America. In other news, on Tuesday, we have the expansion DLC for the recent game Mortal Kombat 11. The expansion is called Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath and this DLC will take place after the events of the main story. In this new update, we have the return of friendship fatalities and stage fatalities. Along with these finishing moves, we have new characters joining the game such as Fujin, Sheeva and the guest character RoboCop. In other news, you might want to think about getting HBO Max because they’re going to adding the once rumored, but now official “Snyder Cut” version of Justice League. Originally, Man of Steal director Zack Snyder was in charge of directing this 2017 movie, but due to a unforeseen tragedy, he left the project and left Joss Whedon who directed the 2012 Avengers movie. This Justice League movie will be aired on HBO Max in 2021.

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Let’s start this weekend and prepare for the unofficial day of summer!

Here are some Avatar videos to remind you why this series is awesome. In case you missed this news, Netflix added Avatar: The Last Airbender. This Nickelodeon cartoon is considered one of the best animations of all time with well-developed characters, action and story. If you remembered watching all three book seasons on TV, you can stream the entire series today! What is your favorite moment from the series? Who is your favorite character? Who was your favorite crush? What made you cry?

AT&T plans to sell Crunchyroll to Sony?

In case you missed it, HBO Max is teaming up with Crunchyroll and will allow anime fans to stream popular anime like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Berserk and other 17 confirmed titles. According to Bounding into Comics, these anime titles will be available for HBO Max subscribers on Mary 27th. This also includes all of Studio Ghibli films.

This may excite anime fans who wants to enjoy watching anime and exclusive content from HBO Max. In recent news of Crunchyroll, it looks like it’s going to be in possession with Sony in which they bought Funimation. According to Bounding Into Comics, internet provider AT&T is in talks of selling Crunchyroll to Sony. Sony currently owns Funimation. According to the site, it is believed that AT&T is selling Crunchyroll to reduce a debt which has been a struggle since last year. Some reports say that the Coronavirus is the reason why the sales have been slow.

What do you think about this news?


God of War (PS4) Review

PSN synposis:

From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons. Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats, and a second chance at being a father. Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the brutal Norse wilds and fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest.

• Bold New Beginning — His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus years behind him, Kratos now lives as a man in the realm of Norse Gods and monsters. It is in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive…And teach his son to do the same. This startling reimagining of God of War deconstructs the core elements that defined the series—satisfying combat breathtaking scale and a powerful narrative—and fuses them anew.
• A Second Chance — Kratos is a father again. As mentor and protector to Atreus, a son determined to earn his respect, he is forced to deal with and control the rage that has long defined him while out in a very dangerous world with his son.
• A Darker, More Elemental World — From the marble and columns of ornate Olympus to the gritty forests, mountains, and caves of Pre-Viking Norse lore, this is a distinctly new realm with its own pantheon of creatures, monsters, and gods. With an added emphasis on discovery and exploration, the world will draw players in to explore God of War’s breathtakingly threatening landscape—by far the largest in the franchise.
• Vicious, Physical Combat — With an over the shoulder free camera that brings the player closer to the action than ever before, fights in God of War mirror the pantheon of Norse creatures Kratos will face: grand, gritty, and grueling. A new main weapon and new abilities retain the defining spirit of God of War while presenting a vision of violent conflict that forges new ground in the genre.

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!

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