Food Wars! The Second Plate (season 2) spoiler-free review Food Wars: Second Plate: Artist Not Provided: Movies & TV

Rightstuf synopsis:

At the Tohtsuki Culinary Academy, the first rule is survival of the fittest, and if you don’t have what it takes to become a master chef, you need to get out of the kitchen before you get burned. With the wheat of first-year students separated from the chaff, cocky former diner cook Yukihira Soma is one of the handful of kitchen whizzes still standing.

As the next round of the Autumn Elections gets underway, can he survive a brutal bento boxing match with the chemistry-obsessed granddaughter of the Academy’s director? And which of the other contenders; Megumi, Ryo, Akira, Hisako, Takumi or sinister dark-horse Subaru; will advance to fight for the gold medal? Get ready for another cut-throat season of eat, beat, and defeat!

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Despite this review being spoiler-free, I might make references to season 1. If you haven’t watched season 1, you’ll get minor spoilers to the previous season. I won’t be spoiling this season I’m reviewing. Feel free to check out my season 1 spoiler-free review if you haven’t read it.

Story – Time to battle!

Taking place after the events of season 1, Soma and his friends compete in the Autumn Elections to see who gets to be in top in the cooking competition. Joining Soma in this fight we have his friends and rivals such as Megumi, Takumi, Hayama, and Kurokiba. Along the way, not only Soma and the students have to compete to see who’s the best cooks, but they have to train their skills and work at other restaurants. In this season, Soma will have to learn some new cooking recipes if he wants to be number one.

Review – A Battle and training arc

Unlike the first season, The Second Plate is pretty short and most of the story is about Soma and his battle in the cooking matches and learning from other cooks. If you enjoyed the food and cooking, then this season will make you hungry. This season also shows off some funny moments such as anime references in the food fights such as Beserk and even JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. The pacing in this anime is pretty fast as it is mostly focused on the competition. The main focus of the anime is mostly on Soma and how he learns new techniques when facing his opponents. In the last few episodes, we get episodes where Soma trains with other cooks and learn how restaurants handle customers and prepare food. We also get to see other characters that didn’t give us a lot of details like Kurokiba and Hayama and where they learned how to cook. We also get returning characters like Megumi and Ikumi, but they don’t get a lot of attention compared to last season. 75% of this season is about Soma and his battle in the Autumn Elections and 25% is about him growing and developing new skills in remaining episodes of season 2.


Was this season better or for worse? Personally, if you enjoyed the first season, you’re going to like this anime season. Second Plate assumes you already know about the anime and the characters and it throws into the kitchen and witness the intense competition. This anime will make you hungry and we get to see more of Soma in action. This anime is pretty fast-paced and short so if you want to binge watch this anime, you can get this season done. I like to see this season as one of those “battle arcs” in a similar situation to My Hero Academia in the UA Festival in season 2, part 1. It’s a good season and I can’t wait to see Soma and his friends compete and win the school. What did you think about this season?

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