Promare Collector’s Edition revealed and release date

Promare (2019) - AFA: Animation For Adults | Animation News ...

Whether if you already bought the movie in digital or debating on getting the movie in physical release, GKIDS has something in stored for people wanting to get a copy of the movie Promare. It has been revealed online this weekend that GKIDS will be releasing a collector’s edition of Promare. However, unlike the the other versions, the collector’s edition will have bonus extras that are different the other versions. This editions will have many extras such as soundtrack CD, posters and stickersΒ  and a copy souvenir script. So far there isn’t a confirmation to pre-order this edition. It is also revealed that if want to snag this version, the collector’s edition will be released on August 4th. The standard DVD/Blu-Ray is set to be released in May 19th and the digital is already available for purchase. Best Buy is selling their version with a steelbook case.

Are you getting this movie? If so, which version do you want to get?

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