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GameStop details:

  • SEGA Genesis Mini Console & 2 wired controllers
  • 40 games + 2 Bonus Games
  • Power cable & USB adapter
  • HDMI cable

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Plug and Play classics

As a gamer, there is a lot games out there that you want to buy and play, but so little time. Sometimes you just want to take a break from these modern games like the PS4, Xbox One and other platforms and go back to a simpler time where you just need a TV, a console and a controller and no Wi-Fi. Besides consoles, some companies sell these plug and play games where you simply plug in these games into the TV and play simple games; pretty self-explanatory and you may have watched JonTron’s video about them. You see these in stores where you can play old games like Pac-Man, and Atari and sometimes you see knock-offs of systems with 100 games in one at the kiosks in the malls or swap meets. However, if you are willing to spend money on something awesome, the heavy hitters like Nintendo and Sony will twist your arm for you money if you want to relieve some nostalgia. Nintendo created two miniature consoles of their classic NES and SNES. These mini versions of the classics contain about 20-30 classic games chosen by the company and each contains two controllers for you and a buddy. If you are willing to spend on mini consoles with limited games stored, it is worth it. However, when Playstation tried to sell their mini console of the Playstation 1, it left bittersweet to fans; in a video from Caddicarus, he mentioned that the Playstation’s “Playstation Classic” was a let down. Going by his video and the comment section, The PlayStation had potential, but didn’t take any of them such as not including well-known titles like Crash, Spyro, PaRappa the Rapper or Tomb Raider, requiring a plug-in charger to plug things into the TV and only using the PS1 controller without the analog sticks. I never actually owned this mini console, but based on what people say, it was a bust and Nintendo won this round. But what about Sega? Did Sega’s mini Genesis hit the mark?

Genesis does what Nintendon’t?

As a way to celebrate the 30 years of the Sega Genesis, Sega released the iconic Sega Genesis Mini in 2019. This mini console includes 40 iconic Sega games with two bonus games. The two bonus games is Tetris and Darius. From these 40 games we have titles such as Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Shinobi, Golden Axe and much more. Some of these games were never released for the US such as Mega Man: The Wiley Wars and now we can play them. Plugging this console is really easy and once you boot up the system, you are treated with a library filled with classic games with a nice and upbeat retro jingle. The music was composed by Streets of Rage 2 and Beyond Oasis composer Yuzo Koshiro. According to some people, you can actually customize the layout on the main menu by alphabets, by year or by the spine of the case. You can adjust the game’s screen ratio size or change the wallpaper for games you play.  As a little side note, I do like the little details on the mini console such as the reset button and the volume. Whenever you play a game, you can easily save the game anytime; I am guilty for saving the game and anytime I mess up, I quickly reload the game. This console has many games and this doesn’t count Sonic the Hedgehog. Even though I am able to play Sonic 1, 2, Spinball and Dr. Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine, I was hooked on to other game titles such as Vectorman, Streets of Rage 2 and Shinobi III. I was even surprised that we can also play some Disney games such as Castle of Illusions and World of Illusions. There is not much to say negatively unless you want to nitpick on sound bits or pixel details, but I will leave that you if you are detailed enthusiast. For me, I have no complaints on the games in this system. I do wish there was titles such as Sonic 3 or Sonic and Knuckles, but I think the problem is that if these were added, it would probably take away the attention of other Sega titles. As for Disney, I was going to suggest adding The Lion King and Aladdin, but then I remembered Disney has re-released both these games for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam titled Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King.


Did Sega win this mini console war against PlayStation and Nintendo? In console wars, it depends on the person and their taste and my opinion is subjective. In my opinion, I think Sega went all out in this system and it really made me love Sega. The Genesis Mini is a small little replica of the classic Genesis, but it holds so much memorable games and it makes you feel like you are back in the 90s. If you are not interested in playing Sonic, this console has many other titles that you can focus. If you are a fan of retro gaming, you should get this console. I hope Sega would come back and give us more mini consoles such as the Sega Saturn or Sega Dreamcast. In my opinion, Sega won this battle, but the war will continue. If Nintendo does come back and give us a N64 mini or Sony give us an updated PS1 classic or a PS2, Sega will be in trouble. Anyway, what do you think about this console? What’s your favorite Sega game? Comment down below?

4 thoughts on “Sega Genesis Mini console review

  1. I still need to grab this. I’d personally love to see a Master System mini as that was my first SEGA console. The Mega Drive remains my favourite system of all time though. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is my favourite on the system, but I also love SoR2, Rocket Knight Adventures, Haunting Starring Polterguy, and a ton more!

    • If you like Sega, you should get this. This will keep you occupied on the games.I always wanted to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I did play the original Sonic 3, but not the ones with the Knuckles add-on.

      • I heard about that. I definitely want to experience Hyper Sonic. Knuckles adds some fun with the ability to explore in his own pace. Playing as Knuckles in the old games is pretty fun.

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