Friday Funny 268: Lives Matter, Love your Brother and Sister


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny. Here we are in the first Friday of June and I hope everyone is safe. I know this week and last weekend was pretty rough and scary due to protesting and rioting in the US. News like this scares me and we live in a sinful and evil world where people think hurting others benefit them and racism is acceptable. We need to be like Jesus and love our brothers and sisters regardless of skins. I can’t racism and I know not all cops are evil. There are some good among people and those are the ones we need to protect. All lives matter regardless to skin and gender. Black, white or any other color, life is important. Just like Jesus, I will support all lives and not just one group; I will support all group without racism or discrimination. Excuse me for being serious on this Friday post. Since we are in June, get ready for summer. Summer is going to be a hot season and this means that video games is going to be a past time for people staying home. We have the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2 later this month and a SpongeBob remastered game. Make sure you don’t break the bank because we have Father’s Day. Maybe you can give your father a new video game.

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Let’s start this Friday!

Love thy neighbor. Regardless of skin, we need to love each other.


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