Kingdom Hearts games announced! A rhythm game announced and Dark Road release date!

Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory' is a rhythm game coming this year

If you couldn’t get more from Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix has just revealed some awesome news for KH fans. Announced today, Square Enix has just unveiled a brand new Kingdom Hearts game called Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories. In this game, players will be able to play the music and fight enemies over 140 songs from the entire Kingdom Hearts library offline and online. This game will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Also announced today is the release date for the mobile game of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. According to Gematsu, the game will be released in June 22nd for Androids and iOS devices. This game will be in game game Kingdom Hearts Union x [Cross], but it will also be a separate, stand alone game.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road launches June 22 - Gematsu





NSFW news! Funimation blocks anime clips of Interspecies Reviewers from X-rated site?!

Interspecies Reviewers Anime Finds New TV Station to Call Home

Remember the lewd anime Interspecies Interviewer and how Funimation had the rights to stream and dub the anime? In the past, Funimation was able to stream this anime for fans, but ultimately, dropped this anime due to its content and being “not in the standards.” The anime Interspecies Interviewer had very mature content that Funimation refused to have it in its library filled with anime and removed it. This angered fans due to the fact Funimation has shown other mature content anime besides this. This led to people doing other methods of watching this anime by using VPN and watching it in different regions, some watch it on free anime sites or even though other shady sites.

However, despite Funimation refusing to show this anime, they still have the rights for this anime. According to the news One Angry Gamer, Funimation went out of there way and stop users from uploading compilations videos and clips of Interspecies Reviewers on the X-rated site of PornHub. In the news site, fans was able to get a hold of the anime and release clips for free on this porn site for anime fans. However, Funimation heard about this and quickly got permission to block them. In a ironic twist, even though Funimation dropped this anime for being too inappropriate, they still have the ability to block this anime in other sites.