Persona 4 Golden joins Steam and outsells FFXV!

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If you thought you couldn’t get enough of Persona 5 Royal or Catherine, Atlus has just begun and it may cost you more money if you are willing to relieve some PS Vita nostalgia. Recently released, Atlus ported the enhanced and up-to-date version of Persona 4 Golden in Steam. Persona 4 Golden is a game originally released for PS Vita in 2012 with new features and it was an updated port of the classic 2008 PS2 version. According to Siliconera, this PC port has a new control system where players can use a mouse and keyboard, dual language dubs (English and Japanese), multiple subtitle texts and a new trophy/achievement and trading card system. With this game’s release, Steam has recorded that this game has over 29,000 people (at this time it is 29,984) playing this game. This game has so much numbers that it outranks Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and that game has 29,279 players.

What do you think about this game? Do you enjoy Persona 4 Golden?


Persona 4 Golden joins Steam

Persona 4 Golden accumulates 29,900 players  

2 thoughts on “Persona 4 Golden joins Steam and outsells FFXV!

  1. I normally *never* buys games on Steam unless they are on super sale, but P4G is one of my favourites of all-time and I just couldn’t resist it. I definitely snagged my copy as soon as I got the notification for it. 😀

    • Yeah in the same way as you, I usually like buying games that’s on sale with everything included. I might get P4G as soon as I get done with P5. I am surprised this game is highly popular and even beat FFXV. 😀

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