Ocean Dub Vegeta voice actor refuses fan’s gift because of “offended tweets”

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When it comes to politics and other social issues in the world, we all have different opinions. However, despite the conflicts of the world, we also shouldn’t let these topics prevent us from socializing our peers. This is can be frustrating to deal with especially if your favorite celebrities and voice actors expresses their beliefs to their fans. Unfortunately, this voice actor decided that focusing on political opinions was more important than a fan and their kindness.

Twitter has been buzzing when Canadian voice actor Brian Drummond is in thin ice. If you don’t know who he is, he is the former voice actor of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z when it has the Ocean Dub and he later reprised as his character as Copy-Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super; He is also well-known for voicing Ryuk from Death Note. Recently a fan who goes by @timkester91 on Twitter tried to offer a gift to one of his favorite voice actors. This user, who also goes by Tim or Mr. Sarcasm, creates collages of characters based on shirts and mugs for their voice actors. When it was informed that Mr. Sarcasm has created a fan made mug featuring all the characters of Drummond’s characters, he was ecstatic to share his work to Drummond and wanted to give it to him. Drummond was very happy to see it posted online; however, things turned from happiness to heartbreaking when Drummond decided to browse at Mr. Sarcasm’s Twitter page. Drummond stated he will not accept this fan made coffee mug gift because of the inappropriate tweets found in Mr. Sarcasm’s tweets.

Drummond uses three hashtag tweets telling this fan about Black Lives Matter, believe in women and trying to get President Trump out of office. According to Bounding into Comics, Drummond believes that Mr. Sarcasm beliefs are diffrent than his opinions and he deems them as inappropriate. It is also believed that since Mr. Sarcasm supports voice Vic Mignogna, former Funimation voice actor who voiced Broly. Overall, because of what happened, voice actor Brian Drummond refused to accept the fan’s gift all because he doesn’t stand with his own beliefs.

What do you think about this news? Read the full scope at Bounding Into Comics down below the link.


Bounding into Comics

12 thoughts on “Ocean Dub Vegeta voice actor refuses fan’s gift because of “offended tweets”

  1. I think it’s a complicated subject.

    We currently live in a tumultuous time where personal politics are at the forefront and change (some of which is long overdue IMO) is surging forward. With that focus though comes a lot of desire to know who you’re interacting with and to ensure that you’re not surrounding yourself with people you may feel are not the sort of people you wish to be around, or that you don’t want others thinking you share views with.

    So, on the one hand, I can see why people would be upset that he rejected a fan’s gift due to political beliefs. On the other hand though, I can understand why he’d do it if the fan is that far removed from his own beliefs and those beliefs are important to him.

    It’s a tough one, I think. Years back, it wouldn’t have happened as political discourse was rarer socially. Now though, it’s more of a focal point. I don’t even think that’s a bad thing, to be fair. It just means things like this may happen more and more. I mean, as another example, four authors just left the agency that represents JK Rowling because the agency refused to make a statement against her ongoing anti-trans posts.

    • Yeah I agree. I forgot about what happened Jk Rowling. I didn’t look into too much details, but I did hear comments from angry fans in regards to her belief in trans. Like you said, one side it is bad to have your beliefs as a focal point when being people, but you also want to show what you believe in and show people where your stance. It’s pretty complicated like you said.

      • Absolutely, you’d want to show what you believe. I don’t even think it’s necessarily bad to place those beliefs as a focal point, but it is something that will cause clashes. It does depend how deep it goes too. If it turned out someone I knew was a neo nazi for example, I would have no interest in looking for a middle ground or engaging in a friendly relationship with them. Meanwhile, if they simply disagreed on something like my stance on Brexit and had non-bigoted reasons for it, that would be different.

        I haven’t looked at the Twitter account but based on the hashtags Drummond used, I’m guessing the fan was a Trump supporter, thinks we shouldn’t believe female accusers by default, and disagrees with the BLM movement. I’ve seen some terrible posts on all of those topics on Twitter so again, I can see why he’d be way of the fan if they’re similar.

        Right now, we’re a divided world. We’ll improve, I’m sure, but there will be more clashes, far bigger than Drmmond and his fan, to come first.

        With books being one of my income streams, the JKR stuff was in my world, so to speak, so I saw a lot of it. Honestly, her essay trying to justify her tweets just made things worse.

      • Yeah I agree with you. We do live in a divided world and stuff like this can really put a strain on friendships and other relationships. I won’t go into, but my beliefs are different but I would not let them weigh on to who I choose for my friends or peers. Extreme topics like the neo nazi example you used would definitely something to consider especially in a society like this. Not even I would want to be friends with. Like you said, there will be other clashes and some may be big or small.

  2. Here’s the thing.

    Mr Sarcasm may have known (and probably did know) about Drummond’s political leanings already, and the dispute with Vic as well. Yet, the fan was happy and eager to share his work with someone whose work he admired, no matter their political differences.

    Drummond refused, basing his decision on those political differences. I have no idea how well-founded or baseless that might be, as I haven’t seen Sarcasm’s twitter, but Drummond was the one who put those politics between him and his fan. In that, I disagree entirely with Drummond. This is just more division, and less willingness to find common ground, which can only be harmful to us and our society.

    • Everything you said makes a good valid point and I do agree what you’re saying. If we were to ignore everything that could impose an argument like politics or even the Vic controversy, things would have been okay. It would just be a friendly exchange between fans and voice actors. I haven’t looked in depth in Mr. Sarcasm’s Twitter except I did here a bit about his beliefs. I do agree that Drummond’s actions did cause division and comments like this can push people away than bringing together.

  3. Did Drummond forget that free speech is a thing? It frustrates me to no end that grown adults get offended when people share their individual opinions.

    • Yeah that’s true. We all have different opinions. It’s part of our human rights. It is important to stand up for our beliefs but it is also important should also respects others.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their own set of believes. Once you make them public they come with consequences. The fan just learned that first hand.

    • That’s true. Everyone’s opinions is different. We can’t all agree to the same thing. I do agree with you that once you speak up on your believes, be prepared for comments.

      • I can overlook of stuff because people are different. But then there are forms of free speech that dangerous. Those things I’m not gonna brush up. So if that is the situation the VA found himself in and he acted how he saw fit. I don’t blame him.

      • Yeah everyone has free speech, but we don’t be careful, it could get ugly in discussions. I guess he felt the need to address something and tell him about what he should know.

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