Live Action Netflix One Piece series will have diverse cast?

One Piece Straw Hat Crew After Timeskip Wall Scroll - Stella's Belle

Live action adaptations of anime can be a huge gamble. Besides Cowboy Bebop and One-Punch Man getting the live action treatment, let’s not forget that highly popular Shonen Jump title, One Piece is expected to get a live action series. If you didn’t know, Netflix is planning to work on the live action series of One Piece with the series creator Eiichiro Oda overseeing the project while also having Steven Maeda serving as the showrunner of the series. Online, Maeda asked fans who should cast as one of the Straw Hat characters and in a response made by Eiichiro Oda himself, he responded with emojis featuring flags from all over the world.

At first looks like a random tweet response, but it could be teased that Oda would like to see a diverse cast for the Straw Hat Crew. It is noted that Oda once stated that if One Piece was in the real world, the Straw Hat characters would be from different parts of the world such as Luffy representing Brazil, Zoro as Japan and Franky being American. So far there is no announced cast for the series, but we could get a diverse team to play these characters. What do you think about this decision?



4 thoughts on “Live Action Netflix One Piece series will have diverse cast?

  1. I’m not really keen on the live-action version, because some things really just ought to stay in the realm of animation (I have yet to see one live-action stretchy person that is nearly as awesome as their animated counter-part), but of course it ought to have a diverse cast. These characters come from all around their world, a world that is rich in diversity, and we are fully capable of representing them in such a way. Now, whether they’ll do that at all or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Yeah I agree. Besides casting roles, I am concerned about the visuals and how they are going to replicate certain action moments from the series. This is going to be quiet a challenge to direct. I am bit curious on the diverse cast and how they are going to find the right people for each of the crew members.

      • Luffy’s rubber body, Zoro’s three-sword style (which isn’t remotely practical in real life), Franky’s robotic body and… ah, skimpy underwear, Brook’s facial expressions, Robin’s many limbs coming out of anything, Sanji’s feet-only combat style, Usopp sniping everything with a slingshot, Chopper… being Chopper… yeah, there’s A LOT of visual things that can get weird in live action.

        Casting and directing is going to be interesting, not only for the sake of appearance, but how are the characters and their mannerisms going to change in live-action? They can’t keep anything exactly the same, no matter what they do, so what’s going to change, and how?

      • Yeah all those details on the crew is going to be a challenge. A lot of money is going to be used on the visuals and CGI. I think this series is going to be challenge especially if they find people who willing act like the characters. Even with Oda overseeing the project, it’s going to be tough to try and imitate the characters and characteristics from the original series.

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