Amazon Kindle removes J-Novel Club’s e-book store Clockwork Planet (Light Novel) Vol. 1 (9781626927551 ...

Similar to the No Game No Life news, looks like Amazon is going to change the way you read these light novels. News site One Angry Gamer wrote in an article that the shopping site Amazon is removing electronic light novels from J-Novel Club. According to the website, they found a tweet made by J-Novel Club that certain light novels will no longer be available for Kindle. Here are the titles that are being removed from Kindle:

  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
  • The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan
  • I Shall Survive Using Potions
  • How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and
  • Clockwork Planet

J-Novel Club is a digital publishing company that specializes on publication of Japanese Light Novels. This is the company that are able to release these books as ebooks. However, despite affecting Kindle, these books can still be purchased through other digital sites like Nook, iTunes, GooglePlay and others mentioned in the following tweet. If Kindle is not your favorite source of reading ebooks, try using these other methods.


One Angry Gamer

2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle removes J-Novel Club’s e-book store

  1. This kinda blows because I like the ease of reading on the Kindle app. and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious as to what’s causing these drops. But I also don’t mind supporting otaku-centric businesses.

    • Yeah I know there’s people out there who uses kindle for reading such as novels, comics and manga. It could be that Amazon doesn’t want to support these types of novels because of content or maybe a contract between J-Novel Club didn’t go well. Still, at least we can use our money for other sties and support them.

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