OWLS MiniCon – Dragon Ball: Comparing the Big Three Series

It started with one man and his imagination. His ideas would later create an epic story that would spawn billions of fans across the globe. That man is Akira Toriyama and he created Dragon Ball. Whether you watched this anime as a kid on Toonami, read the manga or played the games, Dragon Ball is a pivotal anime that most anime fans has witnessed and know about its presence. Dragon Ball has become so mainstream that you can its name at stores and seen parodies on Western animated series and people can recognize its popularity. From the foundation of the classic Dragon Ball, to the turning point of Z, to the black sheep of GT and to tending Super, Dragon Ball has made its mark in the anime community. As a Dragon Ball fan, I have some research on these four different Dragon Ball series. In the manga, Akira Toriyama created Dragon Ball and it took 42 volumes of the tankōbon to complete it. In America, the manga was split into two due to the anime and we have Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT, however, was created by Toriyama and it a sequel to the anime of Z with an original story. In 2015, the original Dragon Ball got a sequel called Dragon Ball Super and it was worked by the series creator himself. There is also a manga version of Super, but it the art was done by Toyotarou while Toriyama helm the plot. Excluding the classic Dragon Ball, I find DBZ, DBGT and DBS really interesting since some of them share similar themes and characters despite looking different. Whether they are canon or noncanon, they both share a similarity. In this article, I want to talk about these similar differences. These three anime may have appeared on TV in different years and each one has their own plot, but they also hold some key concepts that make them feel not so different whether it is about characters or concepts. I won’t cover everything, but I will talk about topics like characters with similar names and concept idea, but also how are they used in different medias.

Warning: This will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. I will only be covering the anime version of Dragon Ball Super. The manga version differs than the anime and it is currently still running.

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Friday Funny 274: Is the cake a lie?


Thank God it’s Friday! We are back for another episode of Matt-in-the-Hat’s Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe out there in the world. In case you didn’t know, COVID-19 is starting spike up and I hear the news that select stores (not essentials) are once again closing down. If you are an essential worker, I want to say, thank you for always helping us and sacrificing your time for us. In case you’re wondering, I will tell you some quick recap news in case you want to know what you’re missing on my blog site. Amazon is removing ebooks of light novels distributed by J-Novel Club in the Kindle store. This also includes Yen Press series No Game No Life. There is no reason why they’re getting removed, but series like NGNL, Clockwork Planet, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and other titles from J-Club will no longer be available for Kindle. You can still read these books in other digital places like iTunes, Nook and Google Play and you can buy the physical books from Rightstuf, Barnes and Noble or other places that has books. UK Fans can enjoy more anime from Funimation because they will be getting the anime Hunter X Hunter (2011). Funimation UK will have all episodes for English dubbed and subbed. Last but not least, if you have a Nintendo Switch and you have the online pass, gamers can experience the chance to play Donkey Kong Country on the Switch’s SNES. This game was developed by Rare, a company who is well-known for iconic, versatile games such as DK Country series and the 64 game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Golden Eye, and Banjo-Kazooie. Currently, Rare is owned by Microsoft.

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Let’s do this! Don’t worry, this post isn’t a cake.

As a way to celebrate the belated birthday of SpongeBob SquarePants, which was on July 14th, hear are some catchy cartoon songs from the show. Happy Birthday SpongeBob!

Happy birthday SpongeBob and thank you Stephen Hilenburg.