Live-Action and JN voice actor Haruma Miura has been reported dead

Attack On Titan Live-Action Movie Cast Debuted In Character ...

If you ever seen the live action movies of Attack on Titan, you will know that the actor of Eren Yeager is Haruma Miura. It has been recently reported this Saturday morning that the actor Haruma Miura was found dead at his apartment. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, investigators found out that the actor Miura was not present at work. While doing research they found a note left behind him about his intentions. They later found his body at his apartment and he was confirmed dead at the hospital. Haruma Miura died in the age of 30 and according to Crunchyroll, his death was suicide and it is unknown what was the reasons that led to it. So far, the details are small and police are still investigating.

Haruma Miura was well-known for playing as Eren in the live action Attack on Titan movie, provided the voice of Yama Daiba in the anime CG movie Space Harlock: Space Pirate and the live action movie Kimi ni Todoke movie.