Toonami news: JoJo Part 5 returns to TV! Fire Force season 2 joins in October!

Saturday nights have been shrinking in the schedule with COVID-19 becoming an issue. With Paranoia Agent concluded, it is tough to find other anime to replace them. Fortunately, we do have some anime to pick up the call of duty. It’s been announced that the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5: Golden Wind is coming back this Saturday on Aug 1st. This anime took a break due to COVID-19 just like My Hero Academia season 4.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind and Masculinity | by Jeffrey ...

Also coming back and replacing Mob Psycho 100, we have the return of Fire Force. According to the Toonami News Twitter, Fire Force will be back on TV starting on episode 15 of season 1. To make this even more exciting, Toonami will air season 2 of Fire Force. Season 2 will be on TV on October 24th, this fall.

Fire Force (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb


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