July 2020 Funko Pop haul

Here we go again for another awesome haul where I share with you my collection! Before I begin. I want to thank Michael Kelly for donating at my Ko-fi page on August 20th. Feel free to check them on their blog.

If you want to show your individual support, click on the link below and donate at my Ko-fi.


56-58. Marvel 80 Years Spider-Man (Hot Topic exclusive) and Vulture. Deadpool (Diamond/Hot Topic exclusive)

I bought three Marvel figures from Hot Topic. As a retro fan, I went and got some 80 years version of Spider-Man and the villain Vulture. I previously tried to get Spider-Man from one of my orders where I got Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but apparently there was issues on getting Spider-Man. Spider-Man is my favorite character in Marvel and no matter what year it is, Spider-Man still dons the classic red and blue clothes. I like Vulture’s deign here too. It’s not modern like the Homecoming movie, but I do like the simple design of his green feathered costume. The cool thing about these figures is that the boxes show the comic book in which they made their debut; Spider-Man appeared in Amazing Fatasy #15 and Vulture was in Amazing Spider-Man #2. Besides Spider-Man, I also love Deadpool. This version of Deadpool has a glittery appearance and position. Deadpool is lounging around with diamond glitter.

See the source image

See the source image

59. Kingdom Hearts Sora (Lion Form) [E3 2019 Limited Edition]

For a limited edition figure, I got him for a good price at GameStop. This version of Sora originated in the game Kingdom Hearts II where Sora traveled to the Pride Lands and helped Simba fight the Heartless. As much as I really love this figure, I was also disappointed with GameStop. I bought this online and I had it delivered to the house and when I opened the package, this figure box was slightly damaged and bent. I wished GameStop would handle my stuff properly. At least my figure wasn’t damaged at all.

I have a total of 59 figures.

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