Friday Funny 280: To be excellent, you must let loose!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! It’s me Matthew and I am here to give you a post filled with random memes. Before I begin, I got some movie news for you. It’s been a while since I did a post featuring some memes or themes related to a movie ever since COVID-19 hit us and we got delayed movies. Today we got two new movies released in theaters; we are getting The New Mutants and Bill & Ted Face the Music. The New Mutant is a movie that has been pushed back by multiple times for many reasons. From Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix to the Disney-Fox merge deal, this movie has been having issues of trying to appear on the screens. As far as I know, despite the world being a mess with COVID-19, this movie will finally be in theaters today. If a Marvel movie is not your interest, try this classic return of these dynamic duo. If you are a fan of Bill and Ted in the movies, get ready for Face the Music. This is the third movie of the Bill and Ted movies and it will have the returning cast Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. If you are tired of watching movies at home and you want the feeling of normality, go and find these movies at your local theaters and reserve your spots. Besides these news, this past weekend we had DC FanDome event. Fans got to see teaser trailers for movies such as The Suicide Squad and Black Adam and official trailers such as Justice League: The Snyder Cut and The Batman. We also got to see new upcoming games such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights.

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Let’s end this last Friday of August!

To end this post, here are the movie trailers:

Have an excellent Friday!

60 thoughts on “Friday Funny 280: To be excellent, you must let loose!

  1. “So The CW is making a Live action Powerpuff Girls…”
    Me: Wait, what??
    *Googles it*
    Variety: “In the updated version of the series, the titular superheroes are now disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?”
    Me: O_O Just… why… don’t…
    I’m just gonna go hug my original PPGs boxset… you have a good weekend.

    • I am going to stick the classic Cartoon Network versions. I am not really hyped for this gritty CW version. I would rather watch Arrow or Flash. Can you imagine seeing the villains in live action lol? I hope you have a safe and fun weekend! Thank you for always visiting!

  2. *Chichi’s father is a king – me: yeah, I know.
    *Chichi’s a princess – me: now that I think about it…
    *Goku’s a prince – me again: whaaaaaaaaat?! not posssible! What!? unbelievable!

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