Friday Funny 281: We can all be heroes


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another fun-filled, gut busting Friday! It’s me Matthew and I am here to give you, your weekly memes of Friday Funny. Before I begin, I need to tell you some news. I will start off with this bad news first. In case you didn’t know, movie actor Chadwick Boseman died last week. Boseman didn’t die from coronoavirus, it was announced that he died from colon cancer. He kept this as a secret and he was dealing with this since 2016 during his time with Marvel Studios. He was well-known for playing as the Black Panther. The character may still be alive, but we lost a very talented celebrity. In other news, speaking of Marvel, today is the official release of the video game Marvel’s Avengers. This game was made by Marvel and Square Enix’s Crystal Dynamics. This game will allow players to play as iconic Avenger heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. More heroes will be joining the game such as Hawkeye and Kate Bishop in post release as DLC. Spider-Man will be joining the game, but he will be free for PS4 and PS5 owners. If you played the beta or you are a Marvel fanatic, go check out this game and play by yourself or others! Last but not least, today is the release of Disney’s live-action movie Mulan. If you have Disney Plus, you can pay to watch this movie at the comfort of home. This movie may not be like the cartoon movie we watched back in the early 2000s, but based on trailers, this movie is going to be action packed.

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Here are some Disney clips for anyone who is in the mood for Marvel or Mulan.

Wakanda Forever!

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