Xbox Series X and S price reveal

Great news for Xbox fans! After months waiting for the price of the upcoming Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft has revealed the latest news and models for the Xbox Series. There will be two different versions of the Xbox Series and it is going to be called Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

According to the site and tweet, the Series X will cost $499 and the Series S will be $299. The Xbox Series S will be a console for digital gaming only likewise to Sony and the upcoming Playstation 5 consoles. Pre-orders begins on Sept 22nd and the consoles are expected to be out on Nov 10th.

Will you be getting this new console?


4 thoughts on “Xbox Series X and S price reveal

    • It is a surprise. I am surprised that the digital console is really cheap. I guess they really want people to get these consoles easily. I wonder when will Sony will give us the price on their consoles. 😀

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