Funimation announces Violet Evergarden home video sets!

Violet Evergarden | Netflix Official Site

If you need a good cry, I highly recommend watching the anime Violet Evergarden. Violet Evergarden is an that is popular in Netflix and it is created by Kyoto Animation, a company well-known for working on Clannad and A Silent Voice.  Today, we got some good news from the people who work at Funimation. Funimation announces today that Violet Evergarden will be getting a physical release for the TV series.

There is no release date yet, but you can pre-order your copy for the standard or limited edition set for this year. According to the site, the limited edition will include the following four:

  • a rigid box and slipcover art from the series
  • four art cards from the Japanese art covers
  • a 200 page artbook of the anime
  • a sticker sheet

Whatever you choose, you can finally get your hands on the TV anime series. Both versions will have 13 episodes with English dub and sub.

Violet Evergarden

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