Friday Funny 284: B4 you get the PS5…


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another Funny Friday episode! Actually it is Friday Funny! This is Matthew of Matt-in-the Hat; no doubt about that! I hope everyone is doing well this week because I got some memes to give and news to share! This is the last Friday of September and next week is October. We are entering the last months of 2020 and so far we are looking forward to 2021 and start all over. In the news, Microsoft are allowing pre-orders for the upcoming next gen consoles Xbox Series X and S. If you haven’t got your system reserved, you might want to hop on to it. To rub on Sony fanboy’s face, Microsoft recently announced that the game company Bethesda will be joining them in making more games. This is the same company who have worked on games like Elder Scrolls and Doom. If you like these games and you are an Xbox fan, this is good news.

In Sony news, Insomniac Games revealed that players who previously have the Marvel Spider-Man PS4 game will not be able to transfer their past data to the PS5. Players will have to start from square one to get everything back. To make things worse, players will have to buy the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales if they want the Remastered Spider-Man game. This remastered game will not be sold separately. In anime news, Sword Art Online Alicization has ended, but there is another SAO anime coming. Sword Art Online Progressive will be adapted as an anime and it will focus on Kirito and Asuna in a retold story when they were trapped in Aincrad. Attack on Titan Final Season will be released this year online at the same time as Japan. Funimation are planning to stream the anime in English Subbed and Dubbed. Last but not least, Burn the Witch is also coming this fall in October as an anime. A season 2 of the manga is in the works and fans are excited to read more about Noel and Nilly’s adventure.

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Let’s end this September 2020!

Here are some random SpongeBob-Joker parody videos.

I hope this post put a smile on your face πŸ™‚

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