Friday Funny 286: You like anime? Name 10 other anime besides Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another silly episode of Friday Funny. It’s me, Matthew Castillo and I am here to help de-stress you from the craziness of the world. Why spend time in this crazy world when you can enjoy some crazy and silly memes. I did not make these memes, I simply took them iFunny and I am sharing them with you. I hope everyone is doing well this week as this week once again been crazy especially with this presidential debate with the vice-presidents. Rather than getting into politics. In a world where movie theaters are shutting down, we can still find a way to smile and get through the darkness together. I am going to make this quick since I don’t have much new news to share with you. Be prepared for 2021 for the anime release of Neon Genesis Evangelion for Blu-Ray. This classic anime series is finally coming for Blu-Ray home video release all thanks to GKIDS. They also plan to re-release the two movies in which one of them is the iconic finale End of Evangelion. Stock up on your money and buy a Blu-Ray player because you guys will finally be able to have this classic in your collection. I wonder if they will also do the same with the classic Berserk anime.

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Let’s go!

Here are some random videos for laughs and giggles.

That’s the end. See you next time, my peeps!