Friday Funny 287: The 3rd!


Thank God its Friday! Welcome back for another funny-filled Friday Funny episode. It’s me, Matthew Castillo, and I want to reassure you I am not dead. No doubt about that. I hope everyone is doing well and maintaining good health as we are in the halfway point of October. Please excuse me for the lack of content on my site, life has been busy over here with my job. It isn’t easy when dealing days with a skeleton crew. I don’t have much news to share with you so I am going to keep it really, REALLY, short. If you are free this Sunday, GKIDS will be premiering the anime CGI movie Lupin III The First. In select theaters, you can watch this movie in English Dub with the returning cast from Part 4 and 5. If you can’t catch it or you prefer the Japanese language, the following Wednesday is another chance to see this movie. It has been announced that the movie will be released via digital in December, but the movie for home video release will be out in January 2021.

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Let’s go catch some memes!


Here are some Lupin movie trailers:

Here is the opening and ending of Lupin the 3rd Part 5:

A personal favorite here:

See you next time! Enjoy your weekend and live life to the fullest!

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